Kiwi Conversations

let the conversation come to you

Know what people are saying about any site you’re visiting! :D

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Searches Hacker News, reddit, Product Hunt, Google News, and hopefully more!

As you browse the web - Kiwi checks to see if there have ever been any conversations on Reddit or Hacker News about the web page you're visiting. It also checks Google News for related news (currently for Chrome only).

Make custom searches!

You can also make custom searches (any phrase or topic you want) across all of these services!


Have certain community results show up before others, sort by recency or number of comments (attention), and more!

What's changed?

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Smart notifications

Conversations with a ton of comments will result in a capitalized letter in the icon's badge. So "R" (for Reddit) means that thirty or more people commented in the thread for the site you're visiting (as opposed to "r").

Easy to install and FREE!

You're two clicks away! It's free! :D

Kiwi Conversations extensions will never use targeted advertising or sell personal data to monetize users, period.

Privacy Options

Kiwi uses 3rd party APIs (Reddit, Algolia for HN, Product Hunt API [with Algolia Search for custom string searches] and Google News) to provide conversations while you surf.

By default, Research Mode is set to "off", which means users check URLs on a case-by-case basis and still perform custom, combined searches. You can also add specific sites to a "Whitelist" to always be checked, even when Research Mode is set to 'off'.

Research Mode can of course be toggled to "on", so Kiwi Conversations automatically checks for conversations (on Reddit, HN, Product Hunt, Google News).

You can also toggle any of the individual APIs off/on in settings.

(More technical): Kiwi doesn't cache any personal info in localStorage or sync storage (which at least Chrome does not encrypt :< ). The api results are stored in a local variable within the scope of the extension. And the "history" is a hashed and padded blob. And the source is purposefully *not* minified so you can easily read it.

How does Kiwi make money? What’s the plan?

It won’t. I figure the amazing APIs made available by Algolia, Reddit, Google News, and Product Hunt are incurring the only ongoing expense, and I’ve done my best to design the extension to respect their needs. My only need is that people get something out of the effort. :)

Are you against making money on projects?

Not at all! I hope to sell some funny stickers at some point! But in all seriousness, I’d be happy to charge for a product that doesn’t depend exclusively on others’ APIs. Ambitious projects that aren’t concerned with revenue are (more than likely) destined to fail -> certainly there terrific exceptions to this...